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Former SC Fire Captain Faces Prison Time After Deadly Boat Crash

Former SC Fire Captain Faces Prison Time After Deadly Boat Crash

A jury delivered a verdict that will make a former Richmond fire captain to go to prison for three and a half years following a deadly boating accident.  Steve Nixon plead guilty to aggravated involuntary manslaughter in the death of Amanda Brady.

Nixon was actually sentenced to 19 years in prison but majority of the sentence was suspended.  Nixon appeared very emotional in the court room.  He became very upset when he heard fellow fire fighters and family members speak as to his good character.

This was the end to a very long, emotionally draining process, that began tragically last July when Amanda Brady was killed and nine other people were killed.

 “This is something that Steve will live with the rest of his life,” said Terry Sharp.  Terry is a pastor and has known the family for many years.   During the trial when Nixon was on the stand he claimed he never saw the blinking light on the channel marker that he hit that night.  He claimed to have only had 5 or 6 alcoholic drinks before that moment that the crashed and killed Brady.  Amanda Brady was engaged to be married to Nixon’s younger brother Patrick.

“This was a tough case for Mr. Nixon, tough case for the judge, for everybody involved.  Were glad its over and I’m relieved with the outcome of it,” said Nixon’s attorney James Breedon.

After being sentenced today Steve Nixon and his family are preparing for a life apart for the duration of his three-year sentence.  Nixon does have the potential to earn early release with good behavior and he is also eligible for work release during his sentence.

“This was a tragedy for everyone involved.  This family was essentially torn apart and a lovely young lady lost her life through no fault of her own.  Cases like this one are why I went in to personal injury law in the first place,” says Matthew J. Jacobs of, member at a top personal injury law firm in Florida.

 Boating accidents are all too common in the State of  Florida due to its coastal community.  Boat safety is often underestimated and not taken seriously.  It is essential for people to follow boating rules to keep drivers and other passengers safe.  Drivers should never consume alcohol while operating a boat.

Accidents can affect anyone and if you or a family member have been the victim of an accident through no fault of your own the first step is to retain a good personal injury attorney.  Once they review your case they can tell you in detail what course of action is appropriate for them to take.  However, this will be ultimately up to you in what you choose to do.  Most lawsuits are settled easily during the negotiation phase and never have to go before a jury.  Keep in mind that your John Bales Attorneys will fight for you even if your case goes before a jury.