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Former SC Fire Captain Faces Prison Time After Deadly Boat Crash

Former SC Fire Captain Faces Prison Time After Deadly Boat Crash

A jury delivered a verdict that will make a former Richmond fire captain to go to prison for three and a half years following a deadly boating accident.  Steve Nixon plead guilty to aggravated involuntary manslaughter in the death of Amanda Brady.

Nixon was actually sentenced to 19 years in prison but majority of the sentence was suspended.  Nixon appeared very emotional in the court room.  He became very upset when he heard fellow fire fighters and family members speak as to his good character.

This was the end to a very long, emotionally draining process, that began tragically last July when Amanda Brady was killed and nine other people were killed.

 “This is something that Steve will live with the rest of his life,” said Terry Sharp.  Terry is a pastor and has known the family for many years.   During the trial when Nixon was on the stand he claimed he never saw the blinking light on the channel marker that he hit that night.  He claimed to have only had 5 or 6 alcoholic drinks before that moment that the crashed and killed Brady.  Amanda Brady was engaged to be married to Nixon’s younger brother Patrick.

“This was a tough case for Mr. Nixon, tough case for the judge, for everybody involved.  Were glad its over and I’m relieved with the outcome of it,” said Nixon’s attorney James Breedon.

After being sentenced today Steve Nixon and his family are preparing for a life apart for the duration of his three-year sentence.  Nixon does have the potential to earn early release with good behavior and he is also eligible for work release during his sentence.

“This was a tragedy for everyone involved.  This family was essentially torn apart and a lovely young lady lost her life through no fault of her own.  Cases like this one are why I went in to personal injury law in the first place,” says Matthew J. Jacobs of, member at a top personal injury law firm in Florida.

 Boating accidents are all too common in the State of  Florida due to its coastal community.  Boat safety is often underestimated and not taken seriously.  It is essential for people to follow boating rules to keep drivers and other passengers safe.  Drivers should never consume alcohol while operating a boat.

Accidents can affect anyone and if you or a family member have been the victim of an accident through no fault of your own the first step is to retain a good personal injury attorney.  Once they review your case they can tell you in detail what course of action is appropriate for them to take.  However, this will be ultimately up to you in what you choose to do.  Most lawsuits are settled easily during the negotiation phase and never have to go before a jury.  Keep in mind that your John Bales Attorneys will fight for you even if your case goes before a jury.


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How to pick a lawyer for personal injury lawsuit

LawyerMost lawyers who specialize in cases of protection in the event of injury represent injured or defense in the event of personal injury case. If you are the one who is the injured party you will probably want to hire a “lawyer plaintiff”. This kind of service is needed to you, because you need to make sure that you have someone who is familiar with the details of the work of the insurance companies who can represent your interests. Lawyers who represent the plaintiff are those dealing with “Personal Injuries” and those you need in case of your lawsuit. They represent someone who is severely injured and who wants to collect damages from his injuries over the other. In case you get a lawsuit settlement, it will cover hospital treatment bills, loss of income, and all you inflict pain and suffering.
 Ask around for the lawyers who work in the area in which you were injured, you need someone who’s familiar with that area. If you are from another state, the lawyer must be from the country in which you have suffered bodily injury. So if you want your lawsuit to have good argument you need to find a lawyer who is suitable for one area or a region that you need. Choose a lawyer who has experience with specific types of personal injuries, particularly those who have sustained to you. If you find such a lawyer, the chances are greater that he already knows in what way and how to gear your case before a judge.
Once you have checked and found a lawyer for yourself by the characteristics which are most suitable for the lawsuit, inquire about their fees. Contact several law firms in the region that interests you and ask what the fee is for a lawyer. Advocates compensation mainly is around 25-35 percent of the total amount you get or of the settlement. If you want to know whether it is your best choice of attorney you should sit down and talk to him about your case. Give him all the details of your case and the way in which you receive both physical injuries and emotional injuries during your hospital stay.
If a law firm and lawyer whom you inquire about are convenient and can help you along with your complaint, it’s time to schedule an initial consultation with them. During the initial consultation, come prepared. Prepare all the necessary paperwork that you have and that you will be required during your cause. Some of the things to bring are medical bills, proof of lost income, copies of a report about your accident and any notes doctor if you have them.
Since your lawyer is over with exposure of the facts of your case and the course of the negotiations that led with the insurance company, but then you could have roughly the goals of this trial and if your case worth, and will it be difficult for insurance company to pay you the amount of money that they need to.
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5 Tips to Avoid Medication Error

metoolkit_coverThe simplest definition of patient safety is the prevention of errors and adverse events in health care service. The development of new technology in medicine and the process of treatment, health care is developing and a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, becomes more complex and more expensive. In such circumstances, coordination among health professionals is much more complicated. The patients were elderly with comorbidities that often require making priorities and decision-making more difficult. Providing health services in such an environment presents a higher risk for adverse events. Adverse events typically associated with hospital treatment, but can happen during service delivery at all levels of health care. I hope that you will find our instructions with a practical assistance to the course of providing health services very helpful and that patient as much as health professionals feel safer.
 There are the five key objectives related to patient safety according to JohnBales Attorneys. The goals of patients safety is based on international goals and supported by research work and have an impact on the overall health
facility. It is required focused and coordinated effort to complete their application. The initial objectives for patient safety are:
1.The procedures in surgery related to security
It is rare that a surgical procedure is carried out in the wrong way (including the wrong side of the body, the wrong organ, wrong place, wrong implant and the wrong person), but if it comes to it the consequences of it are large to the patient’s health. Using the surgical control list for the operating room in a simple way is provided: the necessary information about the patient, which is known to all team members and good communication within the team. The control list focuses on three key periods in the operating room: before anesthesia, before the surgical incision and before the patient leave the operating room.
2.Minimize the possibility of the occurrence of infections in institutions
In order to minimize the infections that are in the institutions, it is necessary combined and cross-cutting strategies. There is example evidence to show that use of antiseptics for hand hygiene contributes to the reduction of infections occurred in institutions and therefore should take a central place to ensure the safety of patient.
3.Safe handling of drugs
Handling with the medication can lead to the failure of security-related with patients and these mistakes can have multiple effects. Inadequate storage and issuance of medicines may be dangerous to the health of the patient. Wrong prescribed prescription can lead to inappropriate, ineffective or risky drug delivery to the healt h of the patient.
4.Care and treatment of “real” patient
Misidentification of patients leads to errors in prescribing and giving medication, transfusion, testing and implementation procedures of the wrong person. The most common form of identification is that the patient wears a bracelet around the wrist. Go to to find a well constructed system for the identification of patients solved these kinds of problems and thereby reduced the risks related to patient safety.
5.To secure treatment eliminating / minimizing adverse events
Adverse event is any unwanted injury or complication that leads to the occurrence of disability, death or prolonged hospital stay, and is a consequence of the management performance in health institution.
five rights medication 2.jpg
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Why to use a personal injury lawyer in Tampa

Why to use a personal injury lawyer in Tampa

It looks as if Tampa is becoming more and more dangerous, and something could happen to you anytime. And if it does, and you receive some injuries, what would you do? Well, crying about it
won’t help, so the best thing to do it to hire a personal injury lawyer and sue those who have inflicted those injuries to you. Most people will tell you to do that – hire a clearwater auto accident attorney and go before the court of law. However, if you’re still wondering if you should do that, or if you  should represent yourself, we will give you ten reasons to hire this type of attorney.

1 – He has experience
These personal injury lawyers have more experience than any other in these types of cases. They know the law, and they understand and have an insight in how the insurance companies work, which can save you a lot of time and work.
2 – You don’t pay fees in advance
Most attorneys that deal with this type of law do not as for payment unless they win a case for you. In that case, they will take a percentage of your earnings, which is called contingency.
There is no need to pay him in advance, and if you don’t win, you won’t pay him at all. This will also encourage him to win.
3 – He saves your time
Chances are you don’t have enough free time to review various medical records, to read statements and talk to insurance companies. Well, a personal injury lawyer has, because that’s
his job! They will do all the hard work.
4 – He knows investigators
These types of attorneys know plenty of investigators, who will help them, look into various insurance claims and other case-related things. The se investigators are good help, as they can help your case, and make it much stronger.
5 – He is objective
If something has happened to you, and you got injured, chances are that you are not that objective, because you are the victim. Well, personal injury lawyers are always objective, calm
and rational, and hence, make good decisions that won’t put your case in danger.
6 – He knows alternatives
Some insurance adjustors offer unfair settlements frequently, which can lead to alternative means of dispute between the parties. In these cases, a personal injury lawyer will know how to
handle your case; your arbitration, mediation, and even the possible trial.
7 – He knows other lawyers
These lawyers often work with other lawyers, and they know how they conduct their business. This is a great advantage, and will help you win this case, because it is highly possible that your
attorney know the attorney that represents the other party, and knows how he operates.
8 – He know how the process works
Personal injury lawyers have a lot experience in these types of cases, and they know exactly how this process works, and chances are you don’t. That’s also one of the reasons you should hire a personal injury lawyer.
9 – Settlements are higher
If you hire a personal injury lawyer, chances are the settlement will be higher than it would be if you represented yourself. Due to the all of the things mentioned above, the chances are that
you will reach a higher settlement, or even if it comes to trial, he will know how to represent you properly.


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How to find a divorce attorney

How to find a divorce attorney

Divorce is a big step in your life. You decided that your marriage is no longer a possible relationship, and you need to find a good divorce attorney. How to begin? You don’t want to call attorneys at random by their website bios. You will need a good and qualified attorney which can handle your case without any problems. You want to find an attorney whom you can trust that he will act in professional manner and most competent in your best interest and with whom you will feel comfortable. We are going to present you a few tips in order to find a good and qualified lawyer for yourself.divorce decree
First you need to determine what type of lawyer you will need to retain. Put your children first. You need take into account the age and the number of children that you have in your relationship. If your children are pre-teen and older, they can declare by themselves with whom they would like to live.
If you don’t have children or if they are grown, you don’t need to be concerned about finding attorney specializing in family law.
Also, you need to consider your financial situation. This means property ownership, investment accounts and shared bank accounts and other mutual assets. You will need to find an attorney that is experienced in laws governing finance – if you have any financial holdings.
divorce-attorneyYou need to see your relationship and guess how bad or good the divorce proceedings could turn. If you don’t have any problems in your relationship and you can end up your divorce with friendly and comfortable negotiations, you can find attorney which is skilled at mediation and who will put together a divorce judgment in both of your interests. This means that you don’t need separate attorney, because the one can work for both of you.
If you have problems with your relationship and you are seeking a divorce from an abusive spouse – verbal or physical – you will need to find an attorney which is specialized n women’s rights.
What you can do in addition, is that you could ask your divorced friends for recommendations. Talk with them to share their experience with you. Some friends can openly discuss with you about everything you need to know. This can be like a free consultation which attorney would charge per hour.
After you have chosen a lawyer, do not retain the first one. You need to consult with more attorneys before you retain one. Call at least two to three choices to set up a consultation. Check if they are qualified and try to find one which somebody has recommended to you.
Go alone to the initial consultation. Also, ask attorney to lay out a fee schedule that you can know exactly how much the divorce would it cost. Do not forget that you are looking for an attorney that specializes in divorce. Not any other. Everything you say to an attorney is confidential, so do not hesitate to talk about sensitive information without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable.hire-a-lawyer

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10 Personal Injury Lawyers in Tampa Florida

10 Personal Injury Lawyers in Tampa Florida

Here we will present you 10 Lawyers for cases of Personal Injury in Tampa Florida:

Best-Looking-Male-Attorney-General1) Personal Injury and more legal services – Saint Petersburg, FL/Law Offices. Stephen Maltese’s. StephenMaltese very experienced lawyer for personal injuries handling different kinds of different legal cases including defense in criminal cases, cases of litigation etc. He has a 5/5star, 5 review, 6credentials have a License in FL

2) Attorney Service – Tampa, FL/Byrd and Gonzalez PA. A group of lawyers working at this firm are specializes in handling divorce and family law cases, but they also practice emigrational cases, personal injury, and can offer you notarization services. They have 5/5star, 1rewiev, 7 credentials have a License in FL

3) Injury Lawyers Services – Port Richey. FL/K.L. Foote, PA.,Lawyers at Law. This firm has some of the very high rated lawyers for personal injury with the background of more than 8 000 cases. Their main focuses are family law, criminal cases, bankruptcy cases etc. 5/5stars, 4rewievs, 5credentials and have License in FL

Kennedy Sign4) Legal Assistants–Tampa FL/Metcalf Harden,PA. Law form can provide you with high standard legal services if you choose them to represent you, they work on the field of criminal, DUI, family law, immigration, traffic, personal injuries etc. *credentials and have License in FL

5) Foreclosure, Bankruptcy and Credit Repair Law firm – Tampa FL/ Stamatakis – Thallic. They have a group of very highly rated lawyers for cases of personal injuries, and can handle: Loan modifications, personal injury, foreclosure defense, auto accidents, bankruptcy etc. 6credentials

6) Personal Injury Attorney–Tampa FL/Law Firm: Acevedo, LL C. Milton Acevedo is a very high ranked and certified lawyer and he works in the field of cases in personal injuries. But also works on family law, DUI, disability cases etc. Have great reviews. 5,5stars, 2reviews, 5credentials and have License in FL

7) Board Certified Attorney for Civil trials Civil – Tampa FL- Espat and Powell. This office can offer you a group of professional personal l attorneys. They can provide you with legal help for you as an individual or for your company. They are famous for using high technology in proving injuries. 5/5stars, 1review, 6 credentials and have Licensee in FL

8) Personal Injury and Car Accidents Attorneys – Saint Petersburg/Scott and Fenderson, PLLC. If you want to hire high ranked injury attorneys you should check this firm. They have been working for a long time, since 1997. 9credentials, Licenses in FL

Visa_Attorney_600x40019) Personal Injury and Criminal Attorney – Brandon FL /the Lawler Firm, PA. the defense of criminal cases and personal injury lawyer, Stephen Lawler can provide you with a personalizes help to wide range of cases like car accidents, felonies, misdemeanors etc.5/5stars, 1review, 5credentials and have License in FL

10) Personal Injury Lawyer – Saint Petersburg FL/Hymen Law Firm, PA. For 29years Robert has been working on cases involving personal injury and criminal laws. You can find his name among the very top rated lawyers for personal accidents, and he was recently awarded with AV rating from his peers. 5credentials, and have License in FL.

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